Naka would like to thank all of our customers for sending us their letters, e-mails and faxes telling us about the great success that they’ve had with our products. Here are just a few of their comments.
Mr. Joe H., a 73 year old, world famous wood carver, writes that his hand and back pain was so severe that he would soon not be able to work at the craft that he loved and worse yet, he would be wheelchair bound. Despite using a variety of drug therapies, his condition was steadily worsening. This is what he has to say.
“I have taken numerous types of pharmaceutical medication for my arthritis and relief of pain. To my dismay I did not receive any relief whatsoever. The pain in my hands was so severe. Doctors told me that I would be in a wheelchair in less than a year, but my biggest worry was the loss of my hands. I am a renowned woodcarver and my talents have reached as far as Africa, USA , England and British Columbia . Since taking Nutri-Flex, I have experienced full pain relief in my hands and approximately 70% relief of back pain. I can now walk without a cane. Seeing the results, my wife also tried it for relief of pain in her hands, feet and back and immediately she felt about 90% better. It’s unbelievable! I can now wood carve again and my wife walks with ease.”
Joe H. – T. Lake , ON
Within 2 weeks I felt less pain and 2 weeks later, no pain!
“I am a 65 year old man who plays badminton twice a week and exercises on other days… i have been feeling pain in my joints for a few years now and doctors, chiros basically say it is age, arthritis etc…. so i have tried different products from GNC, Popeye and then went to health food stores for Turmeric and ACV… I was told about Nutriflex and read reviews and tried it… within 2 weeks i felt less pain and 2 weeks later, no pain!! usually after badminton, an hour or so later, my right knee would be very painful, enough to interrupting my sleep and taking pain killers… now… no more pain….PS.. doenst taste the greatest but i dilute it with water and slowly getting used to it… tks”
Paul C – Sackville, Nova Scotia
All my pain disappeared.
“I have suffered with Osteoarthritis for the past six or seven years and the back and leg pain never seemed to let up. Then one day a friend suggested I try Nutri-Flex. I must admit I had considerable doubt when I purchased my first bottle of Nutri-Flex but I was willing to try anything to ease the pain. Would you believe, ALL my pain disappeared after the very first day of using Nutri-Flex. I woke up the next morning and was free of pain.
George W. – Edmonton, AB
First of all I would like to say I am in no way involved with Naka nor will I benefit from this letter. I’m just one of those lucky to find Nutri-Flex users.
“I am currently 45 year of age, when I was younger I worked out 5 days a week, 2.5 hours a day, for years. I was proud of my muscle mass and strength but there was a price to pay. My elbows would burn and ache, they would wake me up in the middle of night just throbbing. Finally after seeing the doctor, trying copper and magnetic bracelets. etc. I had to quit working out. A few years ago I decided to get back to the gym. All was well for a while, then the throbbing began. Sad that I would have to give it up again, a friend recommended Nutri-Flex. What did I have to lose? It took about a month to finally stop all the pain, but now I can workout and sleep at night. I can’t thank Naka enough. Thanks.”
Len S. – Hamilton, ON
I started using Nutri-Flex about 4 years ago.. Well, guess what? I can hardly believe the result. No more aching/painful knee problem.
“My doctor told me 10 years ago that I needed a knee operation because my knees would swell (I don’t know the medical term) 2 to 3 times a year to the point where I would be using crutches for a week or so. (Extremely painful)I started using Nutri-Flex about 4 years ago.. Well, guess what? I can hardly believe the result. I haven’t had the problem since. No more aching/painful knee problem. What a relief! Now I don’t have to worry about them cutting out bones, etc. and replacing them with plastic, or whatever. I sure don’t have a problem telling others the success of your product.I’ll be 64 years old this fall and as you can see in the picture, I can still ride that bike because my knee problem has disappeared. I also have Osteoarthritis in my foot. That has disappeared as well.”
Harry S., ON
I have recommended Nutri-Flex to all my friends.
“Since I started using Nutri-Flex 2 years ago for the arthritis pain in my lower back, that I have suffered with for many years, I have very rarely used my pharmaceutical pain and inflammation medication. This works so fast and so well for me that I have recommended Nutri-Flex to all my friends/acquaintances to relieve their joint discomfort as well. These days it seems everyone is more concerned about putting chemicals into their bodies and are actively seeking a natural alternative. Naka’s Nutri-Flex is amazing!”
Pete – ON
Since using Nutri-Flex I have had virtually no pain and sleep great. I have recommended it to several friends and they love it too.
“I use Nuti-Flex and it works wonderfully. I had horrible joint pain that kept me awake at night and made it difficult to do stairs or even just to straighten up when getting up from a chair. Since using Nutri-Flex I have had virtually no pain and sleep great. I have recommended it to several friends and they love it too. Thanks a lot Naka. There are not many products I would go out of my way to endorse but Nuti-Flex is truely one of them. I have never experienced such great and quick success with anything before especially after the doctor telling me there was nothing she could do and to basically learn to live with it.”
Arlene H., ON
I tried Nutri-Flex again and after taking about 2oz. I’m 99.9% pain FREE!
“I had used Nutri-Flex before on 2 separate occasions, once about 2 yrs. ago, for a nagging shoulder pain that made it hard to lift my arm. A friend told me about Nutri-Flex for what we figured was arthritis, and before I was 1/3 of the way through the bottle the pain disappeared! So, recently, when my outer wrist bone became painful to touch (could hardly wash my hands for almost 2 months) I tried Nutri-Flex again and after taking about 2oz. I’m 99.9% pain FREE!”
Colleen C. – Welland, ON
I can’t believe that it worked so fast and stopped the pain so soon.
“I damaged the joint and soft tissue in my leg in June 2006 by wearing too high a heel. The discomfort became so bad that I had to resort to using a cane when I walked. Always in extreme pain, I started Nutri-Flex in July 2008 and am back to gardening and doing my regular activities – I can’t believe that it worked so fast and stopped the pain so soon. I will continue to use Nutri-Flex for protection as I get older. I am 77 and know the joints can become a problem if not taken care of with the right supplements, diet and exercise.”
Dixie – Welland, ON
I would highly recommend Nutri-Flex to anyone.
“The first time I used Nutri-Flex topical cream, I was amazed. I got relief within minutes. I applied it to my hands, which had some swelling, aching and were generally just darn sore. For the first time since I can remember, I was able to make a fist with both hands in less than 10 minutes. “Unbelievable” but true; I would highly recommend Nutri-Flex to anyone.”
HB, Alberta  
I always notice more arthritis pain when I miss taking it for a few days.
“I have been taking Nutri-Flex liquid for a few years after trying Glucosamine tablets. I always notice more arthritis pain when I miss taking it for a few days. I especially get this for the added Vitamin D and Boswellia. Boswellia was recommended by my Ayurvedic doctor, and it is an expensive supplement on its own. Easy to swallow liquid – I rather like the taste, diluted with a bit of water.”
Yvonne – Halifax NS  
I can honestly say that because of Nutri-Flex I have a life.
“In my late 20’s, I started having a lot of stiffness and pain and (because of the tension) crushing headaches. I tried chiropractic, yoga, and massage therapy, all of which do help, but I still got worse. Travelling was excruciating because I just couldn’t sit for very long without agony. Finally I got x-rays which showed moderate (i.e. half-way to severe!) arthritic degeneration in my neck and lower back. I also seem to be in a chronic state of tension and inflammation. I was already dreading the state I would be in my lifetime. I was 60, fearing complete disability and pain. Fortunately in my early 30’s I started working in a health food store, and found out about Nutri-Flex and started to test it. I’ve repeatedly tried being on and off it, testing it out against other supplements to treat the pain, stiffness and tension I typically have. I can honestly say that because of Nutri-Flex I have a life (I’m now 43). I KNOW the debilitating condition I get into if I’m off it for even four days! I am no longer seized up and prone to terrible muscle spasms, and my tension headaches have become minimal. I can travel without suffering like I used to, so long as I take my Nutri-flex with me!”
Barb C.
After about two days of taking Nutri MENO I noticed a major change. My heavy duty hot flashes had gone completely.
“My name is Pam. At first my menopause symptoms were just mild – I could handle it – but as time went on it got worse. My family doctor advised me to try and only take non prescription drugs. I tried a few different ones but could not really find anything that seemed to help me. I could be seen often sitting at my desk with sweat just running down my face and neck. I would say to my coworker I’m off to Mexico, Florida or Hawaii – followed by “just a short trip” or “I’ll be here for a while”. I was waking up often in the night with my pillow wet from sweat.Then one day I was asked if I would like to try a new natural liquid for menopause called Nutri MENO that had just been developed by Naka. I jumped at the offer – I was willing to try anything.After about two days of taking Nutri MENO I noticed a major change. My heavy duty hot flashes had gone completely. I stopped waking up at night to a soaked pillow. It is wonderful!”
Pam S. – Ajax, ON
I no longer have any daytime hot flashes or night sweats
 “I had always heard my girlfriends chatting about their hot flashes and night sweats and thought that I was one of the lucky ones that would not experience these symptoms. Was I wrong….one month after my 49th birthday it all began. First the night sweats and then the hot flashes. After months of frustration I tried some over-the-counter remedies…all with no results. Then my friend mentioned to me that she was trying this liquid Nutri MENO. She gave me some to try and my life changed. I have slept like a baby every night since I started taking Nutri MENO. I take one tablespoon at bedtime. I no longer have any daytime hot flashes or night sweats. Thank you…thank you… thank you! This has been a wonderful breakthrough!!!!!”
Sherri C – Ajax, ON
I noticed a huge decrease in the number of times I woke up sweating.
“WOW! – By the second night, I noticed a huge decrease in the number of times I woke up sweating. Now, by the 5th night, I am sleeping through the night. The first evening, I took the Nutri Meno right before bedtime and I noticed some indigestion. So I have been taking it several hours before going to bed and this works out well. Thank you!”
Judy W.
I truly feel that Vital GREENS has improved my well-being, and the difference can be felt. I won’t go without this product – any day!
“I have been using Vital GREENS for about a year now. It was promoted to me on a day when I had not had much to eat as I was co-organizing a Triathlon and things were very hectic! I took the recommended dose of Vital GREENS and immediately, the fresh minty taste left me feeling just that, FRESH! Shortly after, I felt like I had a nice boost of energy, not too strong, just revitalized.Since that day, I have been taking Vital GREENS in the morning, hoping it would help with the sluggish feeling that I had all too often. When I run out, I notice the difference. Vital GREENS does so many things for me – I definitely notice a difference. I feel refreshed, I am more regular and I have a lot more energy than I used to! I don’t feel like I am tired throughout my day, like I used to be, and I have given up coffee completely. I don’t feel I need it anymore at all.It is part of my regular regimen now and will continue to be so for years to come. I truly feel that Vital GREENS has improved my well-being, and the difference can be felt. I won`t go without this product – any day!”
Genevieve L. – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Vital GREENS has surpassed my expectations.
“I recently had a free sample of Vital GREENS and it was AMAZING! I am hooked on it now. I am a world ranked powerlifter and I would like to share my experience with other lifters. Vital GREENS has completely surpassed my expectations by increasing my energy and focus. As part of my ongoing nutritional goals it really saves me time and effort; all this nutrition packed into one bottle. This is simply unbelievable! I am really satisfied with Vital GREENS. The best on the market!”
Barry A. – Ottawa, ON
The change for me with the Vital Greens was astounding.
“I want to tell you how happy I am to have found Vital Greens, recommended to me by the owner of the health food store in the Duncan Mall here on Vancouver Island.Some years ago I had a tumour removed from my thyroid. In the process, they also removed about half of the thyroid. I have always disliked taking prescriptions, so I avoided recommendations that I start a daily ritual of thyroid supplemental medication which could likely turn into a life long requirement.As a result, my energy level has always been problematic…up and down. More often, as I got older ( I am in my mid 60s), I was finding that life in general was becoming a chore, and even the simplest tasks at times seemed overwhelming.The change for me with the Vital Greens was astounding. Starting the first day I washed down a tentative half dose before breakfast, I felt a little better, but at the time attributed it to the fact it was a sunny day after a rather bleak period. However, each of the following days, with the morning shot of Vital Greens, I felt better and stronger. Within a week, I could put in a full day working in the house, the garden, walk the dog and walk my mom’s dogs. Energy levels I hadn’t felt in years!Eventually, the Vital Greens bottle ran dry, and as life was very hectic, it didn’t get replaced at the time. The trip to the health store got put on my ‘later’ list. Gradually, like an old fashioned wind up clock at about 23 hours of run time, my own system wound down, and after about 10 days without the greens, I was back to the draggy, too tired to bother with anything feeling. It took a day or two to make the connection that something was missing – Vital Greens. So next trip to town, I went back to the health store, picked up my Vital Greens, and within a couple of days, I was up and back at life again.My husband, a professional artist who is often so absorbed in his work that he forgets to eat, is also downing his green drink every morning. It keeps him going when he is too distracted or lost in the current vision to remember that quality food is a good thing. Often when he does eat, he grabs whatever is easiest – seldom coming near the recommended nutritional content. So Vital Greens ensures that he has at least something to keep him going and counteract the junk food that artist in a hurry tends to consume.Thank you for providing this remarkable product. I have been recommending it to my friends!”
Charronne J. – Crofton, BC
Vital Greens Liquid – Easier than Powders.
“The Naka Vital Greens liquid is easy to take…just pour and go with a mint taste to it; it beats mixing powders etc. and it gives me great energy. I will keep looking for other positive signs and let u know but a fantastic way to get greens into your body.”
Star, Canada
Vital Greens Great Taste.
“Very good product. Very pleasant tasting and easy to take every morning. No mixing which I like. Just pour and go. Gives you lots of energy.”
Fran, Canada  
I will continue to make Vital Greens a part of my health regiment for as long as I live.
“I’ve been taking Vital Greens for about two years. I find it far superior to the powdered greens that stay in the bottom of the glass no matter how hard you stir it. It makes me feel great and is easy to take. You can be sure that I will continue to make Vital Greens a part of my health regiment for as long as I live. Thank you.”
Nutri Prevent should be a help in maintaining good health.
“Really like the ingredient combination in Naka’s new Resveratrol and Alpha Lipoic combination. Nutri Prevent should be a help in maintaining good health.”
RPH – Hanover, ON
Super absorbability with Liquid Multi.
“Wonderful Multi! I have noticed a difference in just one month. Also, as you age liquid vitamins are absorbed better. This is my second bottle of taking this vitamin. I won’t be taking any more tablets.”
Sue – Ottawa, ON
Silicea – for me it was like a miracle.
“Hello, my name is Marianne Schneider. I am 54 years old and have had hair problems as long as I can remember. At the age of 14 I started secretly using my mother’s hair styling products to improve the appearance of those thin strands of hair hanging lifelessly from my head. Mostly the success was only short-lived, though. When I was 49 it got even worse: One day, I started shedding increasing amounts of hair. Not all of it, but there were always far too many hairs in the tub whenever I took a shower. Finally, I had my hair cut short and only ventured into public wearing a head scarf, because by now I had so little hair left that my bald scalp was clearly visible at the front.I have now been taking Original Silicea Balsam regularly for about three years – at first on a daily basis over a period of nine months. After that length of time, I had the beautiful hair I had been dreaming of all my life. Now all I need is a three-month silica gel treatment twice a year. I now wear my shoulder-length hair, strong and shiny, with pride. Also, my skin has become much firmer and elastic in those places where it tends to quickly become flabby in us women.My friends now approach me without awkwardness and without taking that covert peep at my scalp. And my boss, too, is relieved. One day he took me aside and told me he had been worried about what impression my thinning hair might have on our customers. Of course, he was right. Our outward appearance creates a very specific impression, whether we like it or not.My self-confidence and my zest for life have improved tremendously thanks to Original Silicea Balsam. Today, I enjoy socializing with other people. My shyness has disappeared – though I am still frequently the object of surreptitious glances. And again it’s because of my hair. But this time, I revel in those glances admiring my beautiful, healthy hair.Whenever I meet acquaintances who have problems with their hair, I am only too happy to share my experience with that wonderful Silicea gel. Some of them have already seen an improvement, and some have already sent me thank you gifts.”
Marianne S.
After 6 weeks of using Silicea the withered, sallow skin of my face looked brighter, smoother and felt softer, plus the skin along my buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms was becoming increasingly firmer.
“In my early twenties, I secretly tried all kinds of products to fight cellulite. I took dietary supplements, massaged my problem zones with lotions, subjected my body to rubdowns with massage gloves and other contraptions – spending terrific amounts of money. All to no avail. Worse still: After being pregnant with my son Mark, my stomach also lost shape. Finally, at 40, my upper arms started getting flabby, and because of the spider veins on my legs and a few pounds too many on my hips I started wearing pants only, both at work and at home.Two years ago my son told me “Mom, you need to get into the internet”, and gave me his old PC. There, I collected valuable tips and discovered a wealth of new information on cellulite. I came across a tip by a woman in a forum who reported that Original Silicea Balsam combined with physical exercise had produced sensational results. So I started running on a regular basis and took a dose of Original Silicea Balsam every day.After about six weeks I did notice a change: The withered, sallow skin of my face looked brighter and smoother and felt softer. And even better: The skin along buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms was becoming increasingly firmer. I knew this could not only be attributed to my running exercises, for at the age of twenty I had also exercised intensively and still had cellulite on my buttocks and legs. My mind was made up: I was definitely going to keep up my daily ration of Original Silicea Balsam.Today, at 45, I feel good in my skin. My confidence has experienced such a tremendous boost that two months ago I even went out and bought myself the tiniest of bikinis. Sex is no longer an activity that requires the lights to be switched off. Last week my husband actually brought me red roses – something he hasn’t done for years.I am convinced that I owe all this to Original Silicea Balsam. It is the best thing that has happened to me in the past years. My friends asked me “You’re looking so relaxed and young! How on earth do you do it?” I simply tell them my secret recipe: keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take a dose of Original Silicea Balsam once a day. It’s my personal beauty formula!” Janine W. 
I have been suffering from arthritic pain in both knee joints for many years.
“I am 70 years old and have been suffering from arthritic pain in both knee joints for many years. My condition grew progressively worse, although I went from doctor to doctor to find relief. I regularly took painkillers, had injections, and massaged my knees with creams and ointments. There was a popping and crunching whenever I put any strain on my knees. When I asked the orthopaedists about the possibility of an improvement any time in the future, all they said was “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do. We have no cure for arthrosis.” Then one day, when one doctor recommended surgery, I finally drew the line.It gradually dawned on me that I needed to change my life, and my dietary habits. When a friend told me that silicon is essential for the formation of bones and cartilage and that dietary change alone would not produce the desired effect, I went out and bought Original Silicea Balsam.Six weeks after starting my “new life” I felt that the pain in my knees was growing weaker – at first only when I took the weight off the joints, but then also while walking and swimming. Now, one year later, I am almost completely rid of the pain. I can do my work around the house and go shopping on my own more and more often. I have also started helping in the garden again. Digging out weeds on my knees was a job that used to be unthinkable.I feel my vitality growing day by day, especially thanks to Silicea.”
Jane S.
My hair is THICK and healthy looking and unlike it’s ever looked my entire life.
“Honestly, I’ve had crappy looking hair since I was about 10. My hair was naturally VERY fine (baby fine, all over) and very curly, and unlike anyone’s hair I’ve ever seen. Because of the strand thinness and tight curl, it tended to break and shed at the drop of a hat. Around 10 (when I first started experimenting with hair products, straightening irons etc.) my hair got noticeably worse, to the point when I straightened it, it just hung in stringy strands, and my scalp used to show. When I started high school, I was mortified of it so I started wearing extensions and hair pieces to hide the thinness. They blended well and I was happy with my look (no one could ever tell), but at night when I had to take the hair pieces out, I felt ashamed like I was hiding something from the world.Last year, my grandmother read an article about liquid Silicea and suggested I try it. I didn’t for 6 months, mostly out of embarrassment that someone knew my secret.. but after trying to cut nice bangs (which just ended up being wispy, stringy strands of nothing hanging on my forehead) I got fed up and bought it out of desperation. I’m 20 now and a year later, my hair is THICK and healthy looking and unlike it’s ever looked my entire life. I would be in shock, but it happened so gradually I didn’t even notice how different it was til I looked back at old pictures. I don’t know if it will work for everyone, thats not something I can guarantee as we’re all different and our genetics/hormones/bodys etc. are all different and don’t work exactly the same.. but it DID work for ME. That said, I love this stuff it’s like magic in a bottle.. my nails/skin have also visibly improved, I glow lol. I recommend it to everyone and will continue to use it. I’m hopefully going to cut down to maintenance doses (a few months out of the year) to save money, but I will definitely continue with it. Just try it for a few months and see! (Note: it took 6+ months for me to notice a difference, then after that it seemed to speed up!)”
Tara – Dallas
It’s amazing! I’m on my third bottle and my hair keeps getting thicker, and stronger.
“Thinning, brittle hair on the top and back of my head lead me to try Naka’s Silicea Gel after I read the testimony of a woman who had the same problem. I didn’t see any difference after the first bottle, but hung in as I had decided to give it a six month trial. Well, part way through the second bottle I noticed my hair was getting thicker in the back and on top and my nails were becoming long and stronger. Its amazing! I’m on my third bottle and my hair keeps getting thicker, and stronger and as a bonus, the crepey skin on my neckline has smoothed out dramatically!”
S. Lash – Belleville, ON
There is no other supplement I can use instead for the purpose of keeping skin and connective tissues young.
“I’ve been using this miraculous stuff for years now – especially when I am losing weight I feel that I really need it most. There is no other supplement I can use instead for the purpose of keeping skin and connective tissues young – from the inside and the outside, and it is so cool and soothing even to broken or burnt skin. I believe Silicea has a soothing effect on just about every organ in the body, including the brain. I’d be very hard pressed to live without it; I tend to be deficient in Calcium. I think this product replaces the old supplement Flourite, which I never see anymore.”
Ruth – Saskatoon, SK
This product is unbelievable. I strongly recommend Naka’s Silicea!
“ARE YOU LOOSING YOUR HAIR, OR HAVE BRITTLE NAILS, Silicea Gel is YOUR SOLUTION. I used everything available on the market; they did not work, but this product is unbelievable. I strongly recommend Naka’s Silicea!”
BB – Toronto, ON  
I highly recommend it to anyone with thinning hair.
“I read an article in a health magazine about a woman who for most of her life had very thin hair with bald patches and after using Silicea liquid for 6 months now has thick beautiful hair! I decided to try it because I had a similar problem. I am in my sixties and my hair was becoming very thin and bald spots were appearing on the top of my head. It was rather depressing thinking about how much hair would still be on my head in another 10 years! So 6 months ago I started using this Silicea liquid, 1 tablespoon per day and after 4 months my hair was thicker and had grown in where the bald spots were. It continues to improve. I highly recommend it to anyone with thinning hair.”
Sue – Ottawa, ON
I am constantly told I look 10 years younger than my age of 45.
“I have been taking this product off and on for at least 25 years. When I’m not taking this brand, I have been taking a different one, such as horsetail or bamboo. This is the one product/brand I always return to, and now I plan on taking only this brand forever. I find that there is no taste. It tastes like water gel. Of all my supplements, this is the one I actually enjoy taking. It does wonders to my hair and my skin. Maybe that’s why I am constantly told I look 10 years younger than my age of 45. I have been diligently supplementing since I was a teenager….and silicea gel has ALWAYS been on the list, and always will be…”
My hair is shiny and thicker, and my skin … !!!! HELLO!!! My skin looks and feels amazing!!
“I just LOVE Silicea!! I started taking the gel form in water for about a month now and already I have noticed my nails are stronger, naturally shiny and grow faster, my hair is shiny and thicker, and my skin … !!!! HELLO!!! My skin looks and feels amazing!! I recently also started using the Silicea Moisturizer. My skin tends to be oily, especially in the T Zone, but this stuff just soaks up the oil and hydrates my skin at the same time, leaving it silky and smooth and fresh and young looking. It’s really is great! It soaks in leaving no residue and you can easily put an oil free SPF sunscreen over the top for the day, and apply it at night for an oil control regime. I have fallen in love with it! Where have you been all my life!Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you, and keep up the good work!”
Jai L.
This silica gel is the best one that I have tried yet.
“This silica gel is the best one that I have tried yet. It is now, the only one I will use. My skin cleared up and for the first time ever, my nails are growing. It can be rough going down taste wise, so I usually mix it in juice. Great Product!!!”
It is the purest silica on the market.
“Works great for me. Felt a little weird to drink at first – stir well. It is the purest silica on the market, no funky tastes added. Healthier skin, stronger nails and connective tissue – can’t get enough.”
Excellent for joint pain and recovery.
“Great high-dose Glucosamine and Chondroitin combo from Naka for relief of joint pain and recovery. I started taking this at the end of a 6 week physio program for an injured wrist that still suffered from pain and limited use. 1 capsule 3x a day. The pain subsided noticeably and mobility returned within three weeks. And all my regular aches and pains – a creaky knee and weak ankle that suffered years of rolling over – showed noted improvement. I continue to take this Glucosamine and Chondroitin combo regularly, who wouldn’t with results like these! I often take a double dose morning and night during the start of gardening season when digging and hauling strain the joints. Important too is the sodium-free formula, I don’t need the added salt in my diet, and certainly not in my vitamins.”
Nimbus – BC